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Endoscopy Spine – Unilateral Biportal Endoscopy

Unilateral biportal endoscopic (UBE) decompression techniques is a percutaneous full endoscopic technique. It is performed through two separated small surgical wounds on either side of the spinous process. Unlike other endoscopic approaches, UBE is not confined by the working tube or the working channel. With continuous high-pressure normal saline irrigation and high-definition arthroscope, the surgeon can do very precise decompression in a clear and magnified surgical field.


  • Degenerative spinal canal stenosis
  • Acute/chronic disc herniation
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Failed back surgery syndrome

UBE endoscopy in excellent alternative to microscopic assisted minimally invasive surgery. It developed to improve muscle preservation and other surrounding normal anatomical structures. Compared with open spinal surgery

  • UBE technique can reduce muscle injury and allow excellent visualization of the contralateral traversing root and reduce infection along with benefit and minimal resection of bone to prevent destabilization.
  • It basically similar to microscopic spinal surgery in terms of the use of floating technique and technically similar to conventional percutaneous endoscopic spinal surgery.
  • It allows closer access to the target lesion through a panoramic view and wider range of view.

Clinical outcomes are promising