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Spinal canal stenosis

- Spinal canal stenosis is condition of spine where spinal canal become narrow. This put pressure over the spinal cord and nerves passing through it.

Usual presentation(complaints)

It depend upon which part of spine is affected and how severe is stenosis.

Lumbar region( Lower back):In the lumber region, patients face the following complications:

  • Back pain/radicular pain in lower limbs or combination
  • Tingling/ Parasthesia /Burning sensation /cramps or combination in legs and feet
  • Difficulty in walking- usually complain that stooping forward while walking and has to sit in between to take rest.
  • Numbness in legs
  • Weakness in limbs

Cervical spine: In the cervical spine, patients face the above-mentioned complaints along with the following complaints:

    • Clumsiness of hand
    • Difficulty in performing fine movement eg- buttoning shirts/witting issues


The diagnosis depends on complaints and a physical examination. Following are some examples:

  • X rays
  • MRI scan
  • CT Myelogram
  • CT scan

Treatment Options

Treatment depend upon cause, location and severity. There are many treatment options available for spinal canal stenosis.

1. Conservative treatment- Medication and physical therapy


  • Decompression surgery- laminectomy/Laminoplaty
  • Decompression with instrumented fixation with or with out fusion


Tradition Mid line approach In the modern era, this spine surgery has many advancements. Minimally Invasive Approach is one of the modern approaches in spine surgery.

Minimally invasive approach

  • Tubular assisted Microscopic surgery
  • Endoscopic assisted ( Uni portal interlaminar approach/ UBE approach)

Pre Operative

Post Operative